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“Place it here
and hang it there.
My piano fits,
well, I declare!
What to sell and what to keep.
What to donate
clean and neat.
Stash it, trash it.
What to do.
Im glad that I relied on you.
Your kind advice relieved the stress.
Thank you, Leigh, for your Re-Nest!”

Mona Townsend

“As a single man moving from a home to senior living, I want to express my appreciation for the very professional help and advice offered by Leigh MacCready’s assistance. It made my move very easy with the help of her professional expertise and assistance from selecting new furniture, to arranging the furniture, to helping me select the best of my art and family photos and placing them appropriately in my new apartment, along with many other very helpful suggestions.”
Herb Elfring
Vista Grande Villa Resident

“The decision to downsize, leave your home and establish a new one can be daunting. But from the “to scale” floor plan, utilizing furniture choices to the final touches of organizing kitchen cabinets and hanging clothes and pictures, Re-Nest made my move to Vista Grande Villa stress-less. I highly recommend.”
Barb Anderson

“Leigh MacCready of Re-Nest LLC has been working with our trust for the past 2 years. We hired her to act as our property manager to coordinate all aspects of getting our family home ready for sale. The house was chock full of keepsakes, old items, junk, etc… Leigh’s unique talents and contacts made her well suited for the job. She formed a team comprising of an estate sale person, contractor and realtor to assist her with this project. Over the past few months her advice and management skills proved invaluable. She kept on top of what other people were doing and provided assistance as needed. I heartily recommend her to any person looking for a professional to organizer a home for sale or to de-clutter your own house.”
Daniel Nurmi McAuliffe
Organizing, staging and property management client
Langhorne, PA

“It was great working with Leigh. I wanted to organize my space but knew I just wouldn’t do it despite how many books I’ve read on the subject. I needed someone to hold me accountable. And I don’t like to waste money. Leigh had great ideas based on my needs and she “made me” follow through by working along side me. The woman is motivating (and strong). Leigh also has lots of resources. I learned how good it can feel to let go of “stuff”. Now I can now walk through my basement and find things. I can even park the car in my garage. I’m also less inclined to buy “stuff” because I love the space. There’s more to tackle and I’m actually looking forward to it.”
Bev M.
Downsizing, organizing and space planning client
Jackson, MI

“Organizing my late parents’ house, its contents, and their estate was an overwhelming job. Leigh’s professionalism and resourcefulness as an organizer, her knowledge of antiques and other valuables, and her connections to other professionals have all been a tremendous help. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”
Organizing estate client
Jackson, MI

“I cannot express in words my gratitude for all that you have done for our new resident. I am so appreciative of the help you gave her in this difficult transition and in her time of crisis. You’re unbelievable!”
Jenna Chmielewski, Director of Marketing at Vista Grande Villa
Downsizing and moving management client
Jackson, MI

“Thank you, Leigh, for all you’ve done to help us with this sale. I felt that you had my back all the way through this process. You made yourself readily accessible at all times and you are such an invaluable resource for pricing and all the “how to’s” that kept us going in the days of the sale and the weeks leading up to it.”
Sharon Babinger
Moving sale client
Cement City, MI

“I am sincerely glad that my friend suggested I contact Leigh to help with a family estate sale. The process was arduous at times, but I don’t think the outcome could have been much better, and she was unarguably the driving force that made that so.”
Estate sale client
Jackson, MI

“Re-Nest did a great job organizing and cleaning out our furnace room! The whole place looks neat and organized and I am proud to show it off!”
Organizing Client
Jackson, MI

“The pictures were of great value. I sold many items Leigh listed for me. I’m very pleased; I couldn’t have done it without her.”
Carol Stegemoller
Photos and Craigslist client
Jackson, MI

“Leigh’s advice was valuable in the setup, display, and pricing of items in our estate sale. Her follow-up throughout the sale was much appreciated. I highly recommend her.”
Kay Hopek
Estate sale consulting client
Jackson, MI

“Leigh brings a perfect combination of compassion, task-orientation, and savvy to what could be a depressing and overwhelming task. She helped us clean, sort, and sell a 60-year accumulation of things from my parents’ home in record time. We would not have been able to do it without her.”
Martha Kaser
Estate sale client
Albuquerque, NM


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