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• Assist you or your loved one in the decision-making process of what to keep, sell or donate.

• Downsize and declutter your space quicker to show your home to potential buyers.

• Downsize and declutter to create space for new opportunities in your life.

• Downsize and declutter to reduce stress.

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• Plan a space for a completely new purpose or dual purpose area.

• Stage your home with the best placement of your own furniture and accessories to show prospective buyers.

• Plan in advance your furniture and accessory placement in your new home, so move in day goes smoother and you can get back to your life quicker.

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• Sort, purge and organize any items in the home based on your lifestyle, best solutions and products.

• Edit, organize and consult on wardrobes.

• Unpack during and after moving.

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I love to help the ‘do-it-yourselfer’ by offering consultations so you can proceed with confidence.


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